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Door Fitting Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together a comprehensive list of questions we often get from customers about our door fitting services in Worcestershire.

How long does it take to install a door?
Installations vary depending on door types however as a general guide external doors can take up to a day's work to install. Internal doors are much quicker often achieving 6 plus installations in one day.
Which locks do I need?
The required locks will most likely vary depending on door function. We will always give professional advice to make sure the appropriate locks are installed.
Do handles affect security?
Yes, it is important to have the right handles with the correct locking systems for the best level of security.
What Security measures do I need for insurance?
We provide insurance grade locks when & wherever insurance grading is required.
Do you fit glazed doors?
Yes, we can provide ready glazed doors or install glazing once the doors are fitted.
What are fire doors, do I need them?
Fire doors are doors with a fire grading, FD30 FD60 etc, FD meaning Fire Door and the number meaning their fire grading, so FD30 is a 30 minute graded fire door. You may need them in certain situations such as a HMO property or commercial / industrial place of work.
What is a HMO certificate, do I need one?
HMO - Homes of Multiple Occupancy. Often you will need fire doors in HMO situations such as care homes or student houses.
Do your wood doors come pre-finished / painted etc?
We can provide a separate quotation for varnishing or painting our doors when required.
Do you work with Domestic customers?
Do you work with Commercial customer and fit office doors?
What happens to my old door?
If disposal is required we provide a disposal option for a small free.
I only need a single door fitted
We have no minimum order, we are happy to fit as little or many doors as is required.
I want to change all the doors in my property
We are happy to do whole houses/ properties in one project.
I have a new build - can you fit the door frames too?
Our carpenters certainly do fit frames & architraves as well as stud work and doorways when required.
Do you only fit doors?
Our team are fully qualified carpenters, we also fit Kitchens & joinery, lay floors and numerous other carpentry based services
I'm not sure which internal door I need?
We have a huge range to choose from however we can source specialist designs if desired.
I'm not sure which external door I need?
Changing an external door can feel like a bigger exercise than internal doors. If you're unsure contact us to discuss your options.
What's the benefit of the different types of woods?
Hard woods such as oak & mahogany have properties which will make them last longer & often look better as a feature door. Budget doors use soft wood which though durable will not have the same life span as hardwoods.
Can you repair a door that's not opening or closing properly?
We will always give a professional opinion on a case by case basis but we are more than happy to ease or repair existing doors if possible.
Do you fit replacement locks, handles and furniture?
We sure do!
Where do you fit doors?
We fit doors in Worcester, Worcestershire. If you are further afield or not sure if we cover your area then get in touch to see if we can make an installation near you.

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